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High Performance Koroseal Protective Lining

Product Features and Data Sheet

Product Features:

  • Designed to provide enhanced protection and performance in the harshest corrosive environments.
  • Specially suited for containment vessels utilized in both hard (industrial) and decorative chrome plating environments.
  • Proprietary compound formulations that build upon the long-term success of standard Koroseal Linings with enhancements that result in significantly reduced plasticizer mobility and the associated extraction rates.
  • Improved tolerance to process/chemistry anomalies that can cause periodic elevated temperature excursions.
  • Infrequent process temperature excursions to 165 can be tolerated without causing measureable plasticizer migration and the resultant reduction in service life.
  • Reduced plasticizer mobility results in longer service life and the associated reduction in overall life cycle cost of ownership.
  • Process tank lines can be expected to provide improved reliability and up-time.

Data Sheet :

Physical Properties
Typical Performance
Test Method
Hardness 91 ≄ 5 ASTM D-2240
Tensile 2000 psi ASTM D-412
Ultimate Elongation 200% ASTM D-412
Specific Gravity 1.2353 ASTM D-792
Color Black Visual


Size (TxWxL)
Approximate Weight
Warehouse Stock Product Number
1/8” x 48” x 20 yds Black 199 27-14-5040-963
3/16” x 48” x 15 yds Black 220 27-14-5050-963
3/16” x 36” x 15 yds 27-14-5055-963

The High Performance Koroseal is intended for hard plating and higher temperature environments. Plasticizer extraction is limited when utilizing this lining that is designed for the harshest application.