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With its origin as a business incubator for BFGoodrich, ProFusion products touch many markets and applications from automotive and building interiors, tents and awnings, corrosion resistant tank linings, bus floorings, industrial matting, medical films, and pelletized polymeric compounds.


ProFusion supplies many original equipment manufacturers with time sensitive shipments of flooring and interior components. ProFusion has raised the bar on safety and performance with its Koro-Trans and Astra Flor lines of quality flooring and step tread products.


Luxury car component manufacturers rely on ProFusion films for consistent quality for vehicle interiors.


ProFusion manufactures a wide range of custom film products used in the construction of tents and awnings. Color consistency and opacity, abrasion and tear resistance, and flame resistance are just a few of the physical properties engineered into ProFusion films.


Vinyl and TPO films used in the manufacture of wall covering represent a key market for ProFusion. Manufacturers rely on ProFusion for run to run consistency in color, chemistry, gauge, and other aesthetic and physical properties.


ProFusion films are widely used to produce personal medical monitoring devices.


Dating back nearly fifty years, ProFusion films have been used in many safety and ventilation applications in the mining industry.


ProFusion’s Koroseal tank lining is known world-wide for its extreme resistance to the corrosive liquids used in the plating industry. Industries as critical as aeronautics rely on Koroseal tank lining for their demanding plating applications.


Industry leading Koro-Mat matting products are in virtually every industrial, commercial, and retail application. Anti-fatigue mats fabricated from Koro-Mat are available through industrial supply companies nation-wide. Koro-Mat ASTM Switchboard matting provides safety against electrical shock, while Koro-Mat Conductive and static-dissipative matting provide unique features for critical manufacturing applications.

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